Operation Manual


RIE System

Solid State Lab

Thayer School of Engineering


Chia-Lun Tsai

1.Start up( Power on)

* Close the main valve.

* Turn on the Main power switch

* Turn on the RF power and pump

Wait at least 10 minutes for the RF power supply to worm up before operate the machine.

* Turn on the gas flow control unit

(make sure valve switches(O2 and CF4) is at the off position

before turn on the main switch)

* Turn on the Vacuum Gauge

* Turn on the cooling pump

2 Pre-set vacuum pressure before loading(optional)

* Make sure Vent valve is close

* Turn on the main valve slowly

* Wait until pressure reach 300 mmTorr

* Open CF4 gas bottle If CF4 gas is needed

* Turn on CF4 valve switch

* Use mechanical valve to adjust the flow

* Adjust the valve until pressure is settle to a desire pressure

* If necessary, turn on the O2 valve switch and adjust as above

3. Loading

* Switch off the CF4 and O2 valve and leave the adjusted mechanical valve.

* Close the main valve

* Vent the chamber

* Load wafer on the electrode and put the cover back on.

* Close the vent valve

* Open main valve slowly to pump down pressure

* Wait until pressure reach below 300 mmTorr

* Switch on O2 and CF4 valve separately

* Wait until chamber is pump down to desire pressure

4. RIE precess

* Turn on the plasma and adjust power level

* Adjust matching network so that reflect power is Min.

* RIE in process

* After process is done, turn off plasma

* Switch off CF4 and O2 valve

* Turn off the main valve

* Vent the chamber slowly

* Take out wafer

* Repeat process begin from Step 3 Loading if needed

5. Before you leave

* Turn off CF4 and O2 mechanical valve

* Turn off CF4 bottle

* Pump down the chamber to less than 1000 mmTorr

* Close the main valve

* Switch off RF power and pump

* There a vent valve behind the main valve, open it

* Close the vent valve after the pipe reach atmosphere

* Turn off cooling pump

* Switch off everything else you see is on.

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