Heatpulse 410 RTA

Rapid Thermal Anneal (RTA) Processor

The AG Associates HEATPULSE 410 consists of a heating chamber and a controller. The wafer to be heated is placed on a quartz glass tray which slides into a quartz glass tube in the oven. Two banks of lamps, one above the tube and one below it, provide the source of energy for heating the wafer. The oven walls are covered with a reflective plating which decreases waste heat, and enhances uniformity and ramp-up speed. Operation instructions are given below.


Front Panel Operations

Heatpulse 410 RTA Operational Instructions


1. Neslab: {on}. 50 - 60 psi, 1.5 gpm. House cooling valves: {both off}. {Set temp} 200 C.

2. Check for water leaks around RTA, Neslab.

3. Process gas (e.g Ar, O2, N2) main valves: {on}. 20 psi at bottle.

4. Air valve (black): {on} (behind Keyboard, at right).

5. Process Gas valve (green): {on} (behind Keyboard).

6. Flow Gauge valve: {open} one and a half turns (left of Heating Chamber door).

7. Metering valve (black): {open} to 28 - 32 oz/in2 (behind Heating Chamber).

8. Flow Gauge: 30 - 40 'mm'. Note: full scale is 8 liters/minute

Keyboard and Heating Chamber setting

1. Main 208V Safety Switch: {on} (at wall).


2. Keyboard Power Switch (white): {on} (behind Keyboard).

3. Heating Chamber Power Switch (black): {on} (front panel of Heating Chamber).

4. {Type} any key on Keyboard to get to Main Menu.

5. Do not place a wafer in Heating Chamber at this point.

6. Lamp Check: {Select} "U". "Heatpulse" displayed. {Type} "Lamp-check" and hit <RETURN>.

7. To Reach Main-Menu: {Type} "Main", <RETURN>.

8. To Run a Diagnostic Test: {Select} "D", display "Date=" {optional type in},<RETURN>.

"Operator = (optional) " hit <RETURN>.

Next type Y for a) " Temp Diag Exec? Y/N "

" Temp. Mont. Inst? Y/N "

9. To Run a Test on Wafer : Example, anneal it for 300s at 1100 C. Place

wafer on quartz pins in oven and lock door firmly. Select "S" from main menu, should

display " Set A <Time>, T<emp>, M".

Time: Select A, enter time(max 300s) and hit <RETURN> (goes to main menu).

Temp: Select "S" again, select "T" and enter temp(max 1250 C), hit <RETURN>.

Cycle execution: Type "A" in main menu. After the circulating water reaches temp of 20

C, open home-cooling valves, low pressure valve first and then high pressure.

After Using the RTA

1. Remove wafer from oven.

2. Process gas valve : Off.(black) behind heating chamber, pressure drops to about 16

oz/in^2. (Note 2 & 3 should be done in sequence as specified).

3. Flow-gauge : Off. ( next to oven door.)

4. Compressed air valve : Off (black).

5. Power switches : Off (Safety switch, heating chamber and keyboard ).

6. Neslab chiller : Off .

7. Home cooling valves : Off.(high pressure valve first and then the low).

8. Main process gas valve : Off (bottle).