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LASI CAD System, IC and device layout for IBM compatibles

  (from Mike Fitsimmons )

  I have uploaded to SimTel, the Coast to Coast Software Repository (tm),
  (available by anonymous ftp from the primary mirror site OAK.Oakland.Edu
  and its mirrors):

    LASI v4.4.2 IC layout CAD pgm; unzip in
    LASI v4.4.2 IC layout CAD pgm; unzip in
    LASI v4.4.2 IC layout CAD pgm; unzip in

  This is Version 4.4.2 of the LASI CAD System that has been released
  expressly for Internet by Dr. Dave Boyce the author.  LASI was developed
  to do integrated circuit and device layout on almost any IBM compatible
  personal computer.  It may be used for other CAD applications such as
  schematics or printed circuit boards.  Drawings may be translated into
  GDSII, CIF or HP-GL.  It is a CAD system that is easy to learn and run,
  and is primarily intended for educational use in schools and colleges by
  students, researchers, or anyone who doesn't have time of funding for
  more elaborate CAD systems.

  Changes: This version contains many improvements to LASI itself, the HP-
  GL plotter, the CIF converter and other programs.

  The condensed files are in three zipped files LASI442A.ZIP, LASI442B.ZIP
  and LASI442C.ZIP. You must have all three zipped files to have a complete
  set of LASI files.

  Uploaded on behalf of the author.