L-Edit for the PC

We have the following floating licenses at Thayer:
Quantity	Version
4		L-Edit
1		L-Edit/Verify (includes DRC, Extract)
1		L-Edit/Pro (includes DRC, Extract, StdPlace/Route, Layout vs Schematic, ...)
So, for example, we can run up to 6 copies of L-Edit at once, and up to two of those can be running a DRC at once.

L-Edit/Pro and LVS are installed on the computers in room 222 Cummings.

We also have a limited student version which we purchased with five copies of a textbook on VLSI design using L-Edit. The book is "Physical Design of CMOS Integrated Circuits using L-Edit" by John P. Uyemura; This version has limited memory, and has CIF and GDS II stream output disabled. You can get CIF or GDS output by saving your file as a .tdb file, reading it into the full version of L-Edit (mac or pc) and re-writing as CIF or GDS.

For more information about L-Edit, or to borrow an L-Edit manual, contact Chris Levey (c.levey@dartmouth.edu).

L-Edit Overview