L-Edit for UNIX at Dartmouth

Grabbing a GIF image of an L-Edit layout in UNIX

Configuring and running L-Edit on Northstar

Put these definitions in your .cshrc.local file on northstar:

alias germain  'xhost +germain >/dev/null; exec xterm -geom 80x24+0+0 -e telnet germain &'
alias ledit '/usr/tanner/bin.hp700/ledit &'
Then, to activate these definitions, type "source .cshrc.local". You need only do this the first time; when you login next time these will be defined automatically.

When run with the above alias, L-Edit will look for and store files in your home directory. You can copy the MCNC technology files to your northstar directory as follows (ledit defaults to the file ledit.tdb on startup):

cp ~sslab/mpmems.tdb ledit.tdb
cp ~sslab/mpmems.xst mpmems.xst
Now, the fastest way to run L-Edit is from Germain (the hp just outside Ted Cooley's office). There you need only type
from an xterm window. You can also run from any unix machine which supports x-windows; type the following in an xterm window on your machine:
That will bring up a new xterm window for germain. In this new window, type your name and password, then
setenv DISPLAY yourmachinename:0.0
where yourmachinename is the name of the unix machine you sat down at. That should do it. If you get some message about color scheme being wrong, you may be running another program such as netscape which conflicts with the ledit colors; exit all other programs and try typing "ledit" again.

L-Edit Overview