18 Mohm deionized water system:

Water conditioning removes 99% of the total dissolved solids (TDS) in the incoming water (1 LPM generating capacity). In a recirculation loop, mixed anion/cation resins remove charged ions and some organics; a UV lamp kills bacteria, and a .2 micron filter traps bacteria and particulates.
  1. water temperature control (hot/cold mix)
  2. prefilters (rust filter + Millipore CRO102006)
  3. water softener
  4. 5 micron prefilter (Millipore CDFRO12F4 on RO60 unit)
  5. Millipore RO60 reverse osmosis (with polysulfone cartridge)
  6. 90 liter storage tank
  7. mixed bed resins (Sybron NM-60 or Rohm&Haas MB1)
  8. UV lamp (Aquafine 3050)
  9. final 0.2 micron filter
  10. lab loop and pump

    Dry air system

    11. Balston 75-20 for cooling RTA and Mask Aligner UV lamp

    Christopher.G.Levey@ dartmouth.edu